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Projects Based on the Housing Deficits

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There are NO SOUND REASONS to RESIST the CHANGE to IMPROVE your life and of THOSE WHO TRUST YOU to build their homes OR maybe YOU WOULD prefer to continue using expensive and lengthy supervision methods due to SO MANY and tedious TASKS with time consuming construction, complicated methodologies, slow and messy systems, common and lower quality building materials BUT IT IS BEST for you TO TRY OUR New and Better Solutions for your construction needs?

USE Mekano’s Unique Building Systems.


For FRANCHISEES & Contractors:

Market Research Analysis

VR and AR plus BIM Services

Competition Loophole Reports

Market Based Material accounting

DISENIUMS – Assisted Design Services

NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreement templates)

The Green Building Systems concept is:

1. Designing for humans comfort plus being nature friendly

2. Analysis of resource requirements and proper allocations

3. Assisted Blueprinting by careful flow-charting and service functionality

4. Standardization of materials and manufacturing but personalized designs

5. Diagnosis and elimination of fail-points, critical incidents and design failures

6. Construction monitoring with high performance service

7. Development & measurement of KPIs (key performance indicators)

8. Systems aligned with Best Practices and Social Responsibility

9. Preparation and use of customized Operations Manuals

10 Use of Cost Management programs with profitability standards

11. Market oriented building systems

12. Live reporting of the entire building process to builders, staff & job owners



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